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Employers Liability

Employers have a duty to provide safe working environments, equipment and procedures.

Luke worked in a factory as a glass fitter/cutter. He was waiting for sheets of glass to come down the production line, when one of the sheets became stuck. He tried to release the glass, but cut his hand whilst doing this. He was not wearing protective gloves at the time because employees did not have to wear gloves in that particular area of work. If he had been wearing gloves his injuries could have been avoided.

The tendon on Luke’s left little finger was cut and he had to have surgery to repair nerve damage. Following the surgery, Luke was left with a scar and had loss of feeling in his finger. His finger was in a splint for 12 weeks and he required physiotherapy.

The Insurers for Luke’s employer admitted liability. We obtained medical evidence and compiled details of our Luke’s financial losses and following negotiation the claim settled for just over £5,400.

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