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Fall on a tram – claim settles for £7,500

Our client, Lesley, was boarding a sea front tram in Blackpool. As she was finding a seat, the tram lurched sideways as it pulled off, causing Lesley to fall to the floor. Lesley landed heavily hurting her lower back and found it difficult to get up. An ambulance was called to the scene.

Lesley required pain killers and physiotherapy after the accident, which had exacerbated a pre-existing severe degenerative disease affecting her lower back.

The insurers of the tram firm disputed liability as they claimed they had CCTV footage showing our client walking past empty seats, before turning around to go back to one of the empty seats and that this is when the incident occurred. They claimed our client's legs were crossed due to her changing direction and this caused her to lose her balance. She had tried to grab a handrail for support but had missed.

Offers of legal liability were put forward and agreed at 60-40% in our client's favour. We obtained medical evidence and following negotiations the claim was settled with our client receiving £7,500 compensation.