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Lady walks into glass frontage

Jennifer was entering Pizza Hut but could not clearly see where the door was as the front of the premises was all glass. She walked into the glass window hitting her face. There were no stickers on the glass and she had not been able to tell that it was there.

Jennifer sustained a laceration and fracture to her nose and severe bruising and swelling to her face. The injury has altered the appearance of her nose which would require corrective surgery and she has been left with a small scar.

The restaurant's insurers denied liability, as they felt that the doorway was obvious and well lit and that this had never happened before in the 27 years that they had been located there.

We put forward an offer to settle which was rejected by the insurers. We issued proceedings and the case was put before the District Judge, who awarded in our client's favour in the sum of £2,725.68.

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