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Motorcyclist unable to avoid collision

Motorcyclist, Josh, was driving along the A322 when a car decided to change lanes and cut in front of Josh's motorcycle not leaving him room to react. He braked but was unable to avoid colliding into the rear of the car. He was thrown into the air and landed beside the car.

Josh sustained soft tissue injury to his left wrist, back and neck and muscle damage to his groin. Following the accident he required physiotherapy treatment and suffered post traumatic stress disorder, travel phobia and a depressive episode requiring eye movement desensitization and reprocessing [EDMR] and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy treatment.

The Defendant's insurers admitted legal liability and initially put forward an offer to settle of £9,000, which we advised Josh to decline. Medical evidence was obtained and we issued protective proceedings to protect Josh's interests.

Following extensive negotiations we secured £15,000 compensation for Josh.

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