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Unexpected accident for lady visiting her mother’s grave

Karen and her family were on their way to place flowers at her mother's grave. However, they couldn't use the concrete pathway in the cemetery as it had large mounds of earth on it. There were plywood sheets laid out to the side of the path on the grass and as they walked over these Karen fell.

Karen broke her left arm in the fall and suffered some radial nerve damage (loss of sensation). Her arm did not heal and required subsequent surgery. Karen's arm was in a sling for 3-4 months and required physiotherapy post-op.

Liability was denied by the Cemetery. Their Defence was that there were signs up in the cemetery advising people not to walk on the boards when wet. Also they felt there was a more direct route Karen could have taken that would have avoided the area.

Court proceedings were issued and the case proceeded to a Hearing. An agreement in respect of liability was eventually agreed and the claim settled for £7,500.