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Accident at work - claim settles for £17,000

Daniel was employed as a cleaner at his employer's premises. He was assisting another colleague who was transporting a vehicle engine across the warehouse. The engine was bolted to a wooden pallet which was attached to a forklift truck. Daniel was positioned in front of the forklift truck guiding the driver through the warehouse, when the pallet holding the engine broke free from the forklift truck and fell on Daniel.

Daniel sustained injury to his left hand and wrist, including nerve damage, which required surgery and a fractured finger. He also suffered from psychological injury.

Our client's injuries were sustained due to the breach of statutory duty and/or the negligence of the defendant's employee.

After we contacted the Defendant's insurers, legal liability was admitted and an offer was made of £15,000, which we advised our client to reject. Following the issue of Court proceedings, another offer was made in total of £17,000 and so Daniel's claim was settled, like the vast majority of claims, without the need to go to trial.