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Accident at home - Claim settled for £53,000

Joan, an elderly client, had various modifications to her home, as recommended by a Community Occupational Therapist, who was an employee of the health authority. It was recommended that her bath be replaced with a wet room and that a frame be installed to fit over the toilet to aid her. When these modifications were installed, the floor of the bathroom was sloped, apparently for draining purposes.

In the early hours of the morning, Joan attempted to use the toilet, but due to the unstable nature of the frame which was negligently installed on the sloping floor, the frame tipped over and Joan fell to the floor. She was not found for hours.

Our client had fractured her right hip in the fall.

The Authority's insurers were contacted and legal liability was eventually admitted. Following various negotiations, it was agreed that a settlement of £53,000 would be paid to our client due to the various physical injuries resulting from the incident.