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Nasty fall from ladder has serious consequences for Claimant – claim settles for £130,000

Our client, Keith, was employed to assist in erecting an exhibition stand in Birmingham. Whilst Keith was standing on a ladder about 3-4 metres from the ground, he was affixing a piece of frame for the exhibition stand when he suddenly fell and hit some display units on a stand before landing on the floor beneath.

Keith sustained a serious head injury which resulted in the client elapsing into a coma. Keith also suffered from multiple rib fractures, a left shoulder injury, a pelvic fracture, spinal fractures and psychological injuries as a result of the incident. Worryingly our client’s injuries are expected to be permanent and may disadvantage him on the open labour market.

After we contacted the Defendant’s insurers, eventually liability was admitted and an offer was made of £80,000, which we advised Keith to reject. Following the issue of a court proceeding, another offer was made of £130,000 and Keith’s claim was settled without the need to go to trial.