Bakers Solicitors

Serious accident at the office

Our client, Janet, was employed by the Defendant and was at her place of work when the incident occurred. Janet was with a colleague in the office when they heard two residents arguing. Both employees went into the hallway to investigate the situation. Our client stayed with one of the residents whilst her colleague took the other resident into the office. The resident then proceeded to go into the living room and pick up a chair and throw it at our client who put up her arm up to protect herself thus sustaining the injury.

Janet sustained a severe rotator cuff sprain resulting in persistent sub-acrominal impingement and sustained contusion of the right wrist.

On behalf of our client, we made a pre-action disclosure application and legal liability was subsequently admitted by the insurers. However, due to disagreement over the value of the claim, the matter proceeded to the County Court at Uxbridge. Following this, an offer was made by the Defendant’s insurers for a total of £23,680 which was accepted by our Client.