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Accident in the office – Claim settles for £32,500.00

Our client, Sharon, was visiting the toilet facilities located on the ground floor of her office building in Milton Keynes. Whilst she was in there, part of the ceiling collapsed onto her, knocking her unconscious.

Sharon sustained a head injury, a cut to the right side of her scalp and face and also suffered soft tissue injuries to her neck and upper back. As a result of the nasty incident she had suffered a mild brain injury and subsequently suffered with blackouts, chronic daily headaches, dizziness and balance problems. Worringly our client is still being investigated for epilepsy.

Further, our client suffered with psychological symptoms manifesting in acute stress. She also suffered symptoms of mood disturbance, elevated general anxiety, anxiety about having seizures, concentration and recall problems and social withdrawal.

After we wrote to Sharon’s employer’s insurers with an account of the accident, legal liability was immediately admitted. A number of offers were made between the parties. As a settlement could not be agreed the matter proceeded to Court and judgment was given in favour of our client in the sum of £32,500.