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60 year old woman claims for slipping on ice – Claim settles for £26,000

Our client, Heather, successfully claimed after slipping on ice within the communal grounds of her block of flats in Camberley in Surrey.

Our client was simply going to put out her rubbish in the external communal dustbin store, when she suddenly slipped and fell on the ice. Clearly the area had not been gritted.

In the fall Heather sustained a fractured wrist which required manipulation under anaesthetic and then a further procedure under general anaesthetic the following day.

An expert confirmed a prominent fracture to left ulna head. There was full active range of movement within the wrist but the extreme of forearm and wrist motion was diffusely uncomfortable and it was considered that the present situation is likely to represent the long status quo.

After we wrote to the Defendant’s insurers, with an account of the accident, liability was eventually admitted. Following receipt of the medical evidence the Defendant’s Solicitor made a first offer of £21,000 which we advised Heather to reject.

An agreement on settlement could not be reached so we served Court proceedings and later received a further offer from the insurers for the sum of £26,000. We advised Heather to accept the offer and the claim settled out of Court.