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Cyclist hit on a roundabout

Our client, Alan, was cycling in London in the late morning of May 2013. Alan was waiting to enter a roundabout; he looked over his shoulder to check that everything was clear, as he proceeded straight across the roundabout, a car hit him striking his right side knocking him over. Alan recalls bouncing along the carriageway, he did not lose consciousness but he felt stunned and disorientated. He was very aware of the pain in his right shoulder, right leg and head. An ambulance was called and whilst in the ambulance he started to experience nausea. Alan was taken to St George's Hospital where he remained for five to six days, however, no operative treatment was required. He continued to experience pain in his right shoulder as well as his lower spine, and had lacerations to his right elbow, right ankle and right knee.

Subsequent to the accident Alan has had a reduced range of motion in his right shoulder which also gives him constant pain which radiates to the neck. Our client also suffered with headaches since the time of the accident, a frontal pain which radiates to both eyes and occurs most days and lasts three to four hours. Subsequent to the collision our client complained of seizures with the first one occurred when he was still an inpatient at St George's Hospital.

We wrote to the drivers' insurers with our client's account of the accident, they disagreed and but legal liability was agreed 50/50. Following receipt of the medical evidence the driver's solicitor made an offer of £12,500, after some negotiation we settled Alan's claim for damages at £17,500 without the need to go to Court.