Bakers Solicitors

Claim against the Cambridgeshire Highways Authority settles for £15,000

Bakers Solicitors were successful in claiming compensation for our client, Katherine, who was injured when she tripped and fell due to a defect on the pavement.

Katherine was walking her dog along Queens Road in Cambridgeshire when she tripped and fell due to the uneven pavement.

As a result of the accident our client twisted her right ankle, and fell onto her left knee, sustaining bruising and severe soft tissue injury to her left knee and right ankle. MRI scans of her right ankle and left knee showed a small fragment of tibia bone and sprained ligament within her right ankle and a possible meniscal tear of her left knee.

Katherine has ongoing symptoms and required surgical intervention (arthroscopy) to both joints. The prognosis was not good even with surgical intervention as the MRI scans showed joint damage, which on the balance of probabilities will lead to osteoarthristis in both joints. The medical evidence suggested the osteoarthritis had been accelerated by the accident by 10 years meaning Katherine may need to retire earlier due to her injury.

A number of offers were made between the two parties. As a settlement could not be agreed the matter proceeded to the County Court at Cambridge and Judgment was entered for Katherine in the sum of £15,000.