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Client claims for slipping at work

Mrs L, from London, was employed as a kitchen assistant. On the day of the accident she walked into the kitchen and suddenly slipped on a spillage of water which had leaked onto the floor from the food which a nearby chef was preparing.

Mrs L attended her local hospital, where she was x-rayed and diagnosed with a fracture to her right elbow. This was treated with open reduction internal fixation using a tension band wiring system which was later removed at a further operation. Mrs L continues to suffer from permanent residual symptoms to the right elbow. In addition, she experiences pain and stiffness of the right shoulder and suffers from a frozen shoulder with impingement syndrome. The shoulder symptoms require further treatment and further medical evidence may be required at a later date once the treatment is complete.

We wrote to the company alleging that they failed to provide our client with a safe system of work and a safe working environment. Liability was admitted and after some negotiation we settled Mrs L's claim for damages at £16,750 without needing to go to Court.