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Pothole results in £5,000 compensation for wrist injury

We were successful in claiming compensation for our client, Mr C who was injured when he tripped and fell due to a pothole in the road.

Mr C was making a delivery and when he stepped into the road to open the back doors of his van, his foot went down a pothole causing him to fall.

As a result of the accident Mr C sustained a fractured wrist. A medical expert was instructed who wrote a detailed report upon our client's injuries and the affects upon his daily life. The cold and damp weather also increased the pain in his wrist. The report concluded that Mr C could expect his symptoms of minor discomfort in the cold, even though they do not cause restriction in function, to be considered permanent.

In light of the medical evidence we put forward an offer of just over £5,000 which was rejected. A number of offers were made between the parties. As a settlement could not be agreed we decided to proceed to Court and a Court date was set. However, to avoid Court proceedings the Defendant's put forward a reasonable offer of £5,000 which Mr C accepted and the claim was settled.