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Carer receives over £11,000 compensation for injury at work

Ms T, from Manchester, was employed as a carer. On the day of the accident she was working in a client's house. The client weighed more than 40 stone and had to be lifted on and off a commode using a hoist. Ms T was moving the client form the commode to the bed, in the hoist, with a colleague when the hoist wheel caught on the carpet causing Ms T to strain her back.

Ms T did not go to the hospital or see her GP initially, as she was conscientious and felt that the symptoms would settle but after 10 days she saw her GP as the pain continued. The GP diagnosed a torn muscle and Ms T was advised to take anti-inflammatory medication and paracetamol.

An Orthopaedic expert medical report confirmed Ms T sustained soft tissue injury to her back with symptoms in the right lower lumbar and thoracic area.

We wrote alleging that they failed to provide our client with a safe system of work and a safe working environment. Liability was admitted and after obtaining the relevant medical evidence we put forward an offer of £13,640 which the Defendant's Solicitors rejected and put forward a counter offer of £11,290 which Ms T was pleased to accept.