Bakers Solicitors

Landlord and Tenant Claim settles for £8,000

Our client, Mrs B was a tenant and the Defendant her landlord. On moving into the property Mrs B noted that the washing line in the back garden had rusted at the bottom. However in the knowledge that a full inspection had been undertaken by the Landlord, Mrs B took this to mean that the washing line was safe.

On the day of the accident, Mrs B was in the garden with her young son when the washing line started to fall, she managed to get her son out of the way in time, but the metal pole struck her.

A tetanus jab was required and our client sustained bruising, cuts, abrasions and muscle damage to her arm which left her with a scar.

A defence was filed however a decision on liability was never given and it was likely to proceed to trial. After negotiating with the Defendant's Solicitors, we were able to obtain an offer and recovered compensation totalling £8,000 without Mrs B needing to go to Court.