Bakers Solicitors

Client slips at retail park

On the day of the accident our client, Ms K, was going into a Store at Leyton Mills Retail Park, in London E10. Ms K had walked down the slope towards the entrance of the retail park. The walkway was busy with other customers coming out so Ms K veered to the left of the walkway to avoid oncoming people, and she slipped and fell due to a sudden change of level in the pavement. The difference in level was not highlighted in anyway.

As a result of the accident Ms K sustained a soft tissue injury to her left foot and ankle.

Liability was admitted and a settlement was reached out of Court.

Bakers put forward an offer of £3,000. No response to our offer was received for over a month so we started Court proceedings, but once the insurers realised our strong intention to back our client the offer was accepted.