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Motorbike rider hit intentionally by an uninsured driver - Case settles for £125,000

Mr C was riding his motorbike when he was intentionally hit by an uninsured vehicle. The identity of the driver could never be proved and the charges were dropped, as was a Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) claim with another solicitors firm.

Later Mr C decided to pursue a claim for his injuries with Bakers. The Police and insurance companies proved it not to have been our client's fault.

Mr C sustained serious injuries as a result of the accident. He broke his right root, lost two inches off his leg, and required several skin grafts, a metal rod placed in his leg and a steel plate in his pelvis. The injury to his pelvis punctured his bladder and damaged it to the extent that it required a colostomy bag.

After some tough negotiations with the Motor Insurance Bureau, Mr C's claim settled for £125,000.00.

This was a great result for our client. This case illustrates that despite being hit by an uninsured driver, with an unknown identity, a claim for personal injury can still be successful with a substantial monetary value, if you instruct the right Solicitors.