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Injured Abattoir worker - Case settles for £70,000

Our Client, Mr S from Lanarkshire, was employed at an Abattoir. On the day of the accident he was using the hide puller which had 3 metal steps. As Mr S stepped onto the second step, wearing steel toe cap wellies, he slipped on the step and fell onto a colleague.

When he attended his local hospital, where he was x-rayed, Mr S was diagnosed with torn ligaments to his right ankle. His ankle continued to worsen so he returned to the hospital for a further x-ray where he was told there was a possible fracture in addition to the ligament damage. Mr S was in plaster for 6 weeks and he was unable to work for 13 weeks.

We wrote to our client's Employer alleging that they failed to provide our client with a safe system of work and a safe working environment.

The Defendant Solicitors offered to settle our client's case for the sum of £70,000.00, which he was pleased to accept.