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Mother and daughter claim for a slip and fall in fast food restaurant

Mrs L, successfully claimed against McDonald's in Derbyshire when she slipped and injured her knee whilst carrying her daughter out of the restaurant.

38 year old Mrs L had visited McDonald's for lunch with her 4 year old daughter. Whilst carrying her daughter out of the restaurant through the automatic doors into the foyer, she slipped and fell backwards with her daughter in her arms due to the floor being wet.

Mrs L managed to get herself and her daughter up and went to her car as their clothes were soaking wet. The Manager then came out to Mrs L and explained that the cleaner was just washing the windows and there was a wet floor sign in the dining area. The accident book was completed and Mrs L reported the accident to McDonald's Head Office later that day.

Mrs L sustained lacerations, bruising, soft tissue and ligament damage to her left knee and her daughter sustained a lump to the head, a graze and bruising to her back.

After we wrote to the restaurant with an account of the slip, their insurers eventually admitted liability for the accident. Following receipt of the medical report the restaurant's insurers made an offer of £1,300.00 which Mrs L accepted.

An offer was made to the restaurant's insurers on behalf of Mrs L's daughter, which was accepted. However all infant cases must have the final settlement amount approved by the Court for which a Hearing date has to be set.