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Part-time kitchen assistance injured at work

Our Client, Mrs C from Addlestone, was employed as a kitchen assistant for a residential care home. On the day of the accident she was working in the kitchen and went to get ice cream out of the freezer. In doing so, she knocked into a plastic tub filled with hot soup left on the floor, causing the soup to spill all over her legs and feet.

Mrs C attended her local hospital Walk-in-Centre where dressings were applied. Mrs C was advised to return for a follow up and for her dressings to be changed. Our client remained off work for 9 weeks. The healing took approximately 12 months from the date of the accident.

We wrote to the Defendant Company alleging that they failed to provide our client with a safe system of work, a safe working environment and that they failed to provide her with suitable personal protective equipment.

The Defendant's insurers carried out their investigations into the circumstances of our client's accident. They admitted liability in full.

Eventually our client's claim settled for just over £5,500 after some tough negotiations with the Defendant's insurers'.