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Compensation for Workplace Accident

Darren worked for a bathroom installation company and was at work when he was instructed to remove ceramic tiles from a wall. As he was doing this, a tile fell slashing Darren’s right wrist, just missing his vein. A colleague who had witnessed the accident drove Darren to hospital where he received stitches for a deep laceration.

Even though Darren reported the accident to his Manager, there were no changes to the procedures at his firm. He had not been given any training in the task and was not wearing any protective clothing at the time of the accident. If he had been wearing protective gloves, then the accident could have been prevented.

Darren required a week off work and has been left with a scar from his injury.

We were instructed by Darren to pursue a claim for compensation for his injury and settlement was agreed with his employer’s insurers following negotiations.

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