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Cyclist Injury Compensation

One wet evening, Martyn was cycling along the road, proceeding through a green light at a junction, when a Taxi coming from the opposite direction turned right across his path. The Taxi had jumped the red light and hadn’t seen Martyn. Martyn collided with the side of the vehicle and was thrown onto the bonnet, smashing the windscreen. Luckily he was wearing a bicycle helmet at the time.

Martyn was taken to hospital by ambulance. He had injured his shoulder, legs, hips, back and neck in the accident and was in shock. He was x-rayed and informed that he had not suffered any fractures and was eventually discharged with painkillers and advice for his recovery. However, as he continued to be in a lot of pain, he visited his GP who prescribed stronger painkillers and muscle relaxants, as well as treatment with a Chiropractor. His injuries took up to six months to resolve, though he continued to suffer with pain in his left ankle when he went running for some time after that.

The Taxi driver initially denied liability saying that Martyn had been the one to run the red light! However, he later admitted liability.

At the outset of Martyn’s claim, the Third Party put forward a low offer to settle of £2,500. We advised Martyn to reject this offer as we were not in a position to value his claim. We obtained evidence of Martyn’s injuries and his financial losses as a result of the accident, so we could quantify his claim. Upon this evidence, we put forward an offer to settle of £5,974 which the Third Party agreed. Martyn was delighted to receive his compensation and settle his claim.

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