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Father and daughter knocked down by car which mounted the pavement

Our client, Leon, was walking along the pavement, carrying his six year old daughter, when a car mounted the pavement, knocking them down and injuring them both. The driver of the car then reversed, running over Leon’s foot.

Leon attended his local Urgent Care Centre where they confirmed that he had suffered soft tissue injuries to his left hip and to his right foot, including swelling, however there were no fractures. Leon had two days off work due to his injuries and was unable to drive for a month. He was unable to attend the gym for four months after the accident. He suffered headaches for a few weeks after the accident. Leon required physiotherapy and suffers ongoing moderate symptoms of pain in his foot which is affected by the weather.

Leon’s daughter hurt her right hip and cut her arm in the fall. She suffered psychological symptoms following the accident, including nightmares, bedwetting and anxiety.

We obtained medical evidence to support both claims.

The Defendant denied liability saying that Leon had stood in front of the Defendant’s car when he was about to drive off.

Despite their denial of liability, we obtained £2,750 for Leon. His daughter received £2,500 compensation.