Workplace Injuries – The UK’s Highest Risk Region Identified

Posted Nov 27, 2017.
A recent report by the UK’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has identified North Warwickshire as the region in the UK with the highest number of workplace injuries. The statistics, based on data from accident reports to the HSE in 2016/17, show that for every 100,000 workers in North Warwickshire, 1,060 suffered an injury at their place of work. This number is four times higher than the average of 263 per 100,000 for other UK regions. The report also highlighted that North Warwickshire had the highest number of local authority employee injuries out of 381 UK local authorities, with its 805 injuries per 100,000 - significantly higher than the second highest region, East Cambridgeshire.

The obvious question is, why?

Whilst injuries at work (including the number of fatalities) continue to show a steady year on year decline, some regions have a higher number of businesses and employers in industries and sectors that are ‘higher risk’ than in other regions. The statistics show that, even with the huge advances made in health and safety legislation since the introduction of the Health and Safety at Work act in 1974, certain work environments are still clearly less safe overall than others. Overall, you are more likely to suffer an injury if you work in a factory, construction site or warehouse than you would working in an office or a shop.

With Brexit looming, it’s also important to acknowledge the huge contribution made to health and safety law via the EU and the European Courts.  Let’s hope that once Brexit does happen, that the potential legal changes does not mean that the downward trend in the numbers of workplace accidents is not reversed.

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