My child was injured at school – am I entitled to make a claim?

Posted Feb 28, 2018.
Children can be involved in a wide range of accidents whilst they are at school. We all know how inquisitive a child can be and as they spend such a large proportion of their childhood at school, unfortunately injuries as the result of accidents do occur, even with the correct health and safety procedures in place.

A child cannot be expected to take proper care of their own safety, so most of the duty of care lies with the school, which must provide adequate and reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of its pupils. The younger the child is, the more important this duty of care becomes. 
Two common types of accidents affecting children at school include:

Trips and Slips – it is vital that schools are vigilant in ensuring that the schools premises are free from defects that could result in an accident. The measures in place to prevent an accident once a defect has been identified are also different – whilst a warning cone or signage should be sufficient for adults, such warning measures may not be appropriate for children. If a child falls on a slippery floor or is injured as a result of a hole in the unexpected ground, if the hazard was not suitably attended to, there may be grounds for making a personal injury claim.

Playground Equipment – such equipment must be properly maintained and also suitable for the age range of the children using it. Equipment such as a climbing frame – carrying an inherently higher risk of injury – should have suitable protection and padding in the surrounding area, and there may be a requirement that children should be supervised when using it. The school must also ensure that playground equipment is free from fault and that adequate and appropriate instruction and guidance is given to children prior to use. There may also be grounds to make a claim if a child is injured as a result of the negligent actions of another child using the equipment.