Claiming Compensation for a Burn Injury

Posted Jul 31, 2018.
Burn injuries encompass a wide range of types and severity. Some can be relatively minor, needing little treatment and not leaving a lot of permanent damage, whilst some can be extremely serious, leading to long term damage to skin, hair, eyes, ligaments, nerves  and internal organs. Then there is the psychological impact of a burns injury to be taken into account, with many victims exhibiting obvious and disfiguring consequences that can have a severe impact on their confidence and mental health. 

Burn injuries are one of the most common personal injuries that people suffer, with around 175,000 people attending hospital accident and emergency departments every year due one of many different types of burn. Out of these, over 13,000 are admitted for treatment and almost half of these burns will have been suffered by children under the age of 16.

Burns caused by someone else’s negligence

Burn injuries can happen for a wide variety of reasons and while the majority are accidents and could not have been prevented others are not. Burns can be caused by contact with flames, hot surfaces, chemicals, hot fluids and electrical burns. Incidents that cause burns can happen due to car accidents, an accident in the work place and in a public place such as a restaurant. These types of incidents where the victim is burnt due to the fault and negligence of someone else will often result in a claim for compensation being pursued.  
A personal injury compensation claim is made under what is called ‘Tort law and is designed to compensate you if you have suffered injury  through no fault of your own. It’s important to understand that injuries are not only physical, and that a lot of harm may also have been caused to your confidence, emotional and mental state. 

Common burn injury scenarios

At Work – examples include being burnt by flame, steam or hot water whilst working in a kitchen of a restaurant; coming into contact with substances and chemicals on a daily basis that when in contact with skin can cause catastrophic irreversible damage to the skin and internal organs; contact with high-temperature devices and machinery in a factory or warehouse environment.

Road traffic accidents – most typically from exposure at speed to the road surface; a vehicle catching fire following an accident and burns suffered following an air bag being deployed during a collision.

Faulty Products – especially older products, products manufactured without conforming to the correct EU safety standards and products that have been incorrectly wired or installed.

Whilst eating or drinking – can be common in fast food restaurants where food or drinks are served at temperatures that are too high, which can result in mouth burns and scalding from hot drinks.

Starting to make a claim

Having suffered a burn through no fault of your own can be very frustrating as you are likely to be left with lasting damage that could have been avoided. Starting a compensation claim for a burn injury is often the last thing on a burn victims mind, but starting a claim as soon a possible can really help in allowing you to get back to normal as far as possible as quickly as possible. 

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