Six Tips for Safer City Cycling

Posted Sep 06, 2018.
As the long, lazy days of summer start to fade, the onset of autumn will mean a return to work or education for many of us.  With the big increase in cycling as  means to commute to work, school or college, it is particularly important that cyclists in busy towns and cities take appropriate steps to keep themselves safe and injury free. 

Based on our extensive experience handling cycling injury claims, our top 6 tips for safer city cycling are:

1. Mirrors – always bear in mind that if you can’t see the mirrors, they can’t see you

2. Take extra care when close to large vehicles – so many cycling injuries and sadly fatalities in cities involve large vehicles such as lorries and busses. NEVER try to undertake such vehicles as big blind spots in their visibility means that drivers can often be totally unaware of your presence until it’s too late. 

3. Anticipate – make sure you are scanning further down the road, rather than just paying attention to the few meters of road immediately in front of few. Also, expect vehicle doors to open without waring – this is a major cause of cycling accidents and injuries in urban areas.

4. Leave your headphones at home – whilst it may be nice listening to your favourite playlist or radio station on your daily cycling commute, your hearing is a vitally important sense that makes you more aware of what is happening around you.

5.Control your lane and don’t ride to close to the kerb – there are times, even in designated cycle lanes, where you will need to make sure your positioning is appropriate for the conditions, such as taking a central position approaching a T-junction or when there are dangerous potholes in the road surface next to the kerb

6. Eyes and tyres – making eye contact with other road users makes it much easier when gauging whether a driver has seen you or not. Also, be aware of the front wheels of vehicles to help anticipate a sudden change in direction that could potentially result in a collision

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