Ryder Cup golf injury victim may seek financial compensation

Posted Oct 08, 2018.
The potential dangers of spectating at golf tournaments was highlighted recently following the shocking eye injury suffered by a spectator at the Ryder Cup tournament being held at Le Golf National club near Paris, France.

Corine Remande, a French woman currently living in Egypt, was spectating during the first round of the four day event when she was hit in the eye by a golf ball following a tee-shot by three-time major champion and member of Team USA Brooks Koepka. The errant tee-shot hit Remannde, 49, in her right eye. Following treatment from marshals and medical staff at the event and subsequent treatment at a hospital in Paris, it was confirmed that the long standing golf fan would not regain the sight in her eye.

Whilst Remande does not blame the player for her injury, accepting that even the world’s best players can and do hit poor shots, she has been critical of the tournament officials for failing to provide sufficient warning that the tee-shot was likely to miss the fairway.  In comments made to NBC News, she said:

"When the ball hit my eye, all my eye exploded,..and immediately my sight is finished for me. My first question is how to live now with only one eye?"

She claims there was no verbal warning by officials and that there was a lack of safety warnings on the course.  Officials from the Ryder Cup organisers have refuted her claims, stating that shouted verbal warnings were made and that information regarding the potential risks inherent in watching on course were clearly indicated on her ticket.  

Koepka was told of the extent of her injuries after completing his round, and said:
"There's nobody that feels worse about this than I do. It's a tragic accident what happened. I'm heartbroken, I'm all messed up inside. Definitely in my career it'll be the one shot that I'll definitely regret." 

Remande is currently considering legal action and the tournament organisers may face a significant claim for compensation for the injury. Such injury claims on golf courses aren’t unusual, and such claims have been successfully made for both amateur players as well as spectators attending professional events. For advice on making a claim for an injury sufferred on a golf course, contact one of our friendly team today.