Has your personal injury claim been rejected? What to do next…

Posted Dec 17, 2018.

There is nothing more frustrating than having your claim for personal injury rejected by a solicitor. Whether you have been injured in a road traffic accident, at work or whilst in a public place, no one wants to hear that they will not being able to be compensated for injuries caused by someone else because your solicitor won’t run back your claim. However, it’s important to understand that just because one solicitor has rejected your claim, this does not necessarily l mean that your claim has no chance of succeeding.

Why are personal injury claims rejected?

Personal injury claims are rejected for solicitors for a wide range of reasons. Different solicitors have different experience and acceptance criteria when it comes to deciding which claims to run – see below for the 3 main reasons for being rejected:

1. Is the claim ‘certain to win’? – many personal injury solicitors and lawyers in the UK will only run cases that they are pretty sure will succeed. This is often because they don’t have experience in winning more complicated cases, or they simply want an easy life and try to avoid cases that require extra work and dedication, especially if the party causing the injury have denied liability (meaning that they do not admit they are at fault). 

2. Is there a Court deadline approaching? – many types of personal injury claims have to be made within 3 years from the date of the accident. The closer the 3 year deadline is – known as the ‘limitation period’ – the less time there is for a solicitor or lawyer to prepare the case properly and finalise all the evidence needed to win the claim. 

3. Evidence and proof – lack of supporting evidence and proof may also mean that many solicitors may reject your claim. This may be because the accident happened a long time ago and evidence is lost or misplaced, or it may be because your solicitor simply never carried out the appropriate enquiries quickly enough

What to do next?

If your personal injury claim has been rejected, please don’t think that this is the end of the matter! At Bakers we pride ourselves on our experience in representing claimants who have been rejected and helping them to receive compensation that they are properly entitled to. 

Bakers are very experienced in assessing previously rejected personal injury claims of all types, from whiplash road accidents through to complex and high value serious injury claims. Our professional, friendly team have a long track record in winning cases that have often previously been rejected by more than one solicitor or law firm, and we love delighting our clients when they receive injury compensation that they thought they would never receive. 

So if your claim has been rejected, get in touch today for a free, quick and no obligation assessment of your case.