What can you do if your travel insurance won’t pay your claim?

Posted Jan 17, 2019.
In this age of easily accessible and relatively cheap international travel, we all recognise the need to ensure that should things go wrong, we have insurance in place to cover ourselves and our families. However, as with all types of insurance, sometimes there can be disputes over what you can claim for. Such claim disputes may be perfectly valid, but sometimes it can be a case of an insurance company trying to avoid paying a claim that is actually covered under the terms of the policy. 

Check what is covered

If you have having problems with a travel insurance company who is refusing to pay your claim, the first thing to do is to check what is covered under the terms of your policy. Travel insurance cover varies enormously from company to company, and in particular individual insurers often have different levels of cover - such as ‘Gold, Silver, Bronze’ – depending on the premium you have paid for the cover.  In general, policies cover:

o Medical costs and repatriation.
o Delays
o Cancellation or curtailment
o Lost or stolen baggage or belongings
o Personal liability

What isn’t covered?

Again, exclusions in policies will vary between insurers and the level of cover you chose to pay for. Typical exclusions include:

Pre-existing medical conditions - make sure you check that the policy you are considering will provide you with sufficient protection if you do have any health issues.
Losses should you be under the influence of drink or drugs 
Winter sports such as skiing and snow-boarding – its important to select a policy that specifically covers these activities 
Extreme sports such as bungee-jumping or sky-diving – like Winter Sports, if you want such activities to be covered, make sure you chose an appropriate policy. 
Travel to countries that the government advises against travelling to. You can check which countries you should not travel to at the Foreign and Commonwealth website
Other personal reasons, such as not travelling because of the weather forecast or because you can’t afford to travel

Your policy says I am covered, but your claim has been rejected – next steps

If you are having problems with your travel insurance company over a claim which you feel they should be paying, the steps to follow are:

1. Make sure you have read the full policy wording – including all the ‘small print’ – to make sure that any exclusions are not hidden away

2. Contact the insurer in writing to complain – you may be able to reach a favorable conclusion in certain circumstances. The insurance ombudsman can also help at this stage

3. Seek professional legal advice

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