Why the right time to make a Will is right now

Posted Jun 17, 2019.

In the many years that we have been helping people to arrange a suitable Will or Lasting Power of Attorney, we often get asked by our Clients what could happen if they didn’t have a Will? This is a very important question, and with a recent YouGov survey indicating that almost two thirds of UK citizens either have an unsuitable Will or no Will at all, it is best answered by a real life situation faced by one of our Clients last year. 

We were approached by our Client for advice (we’ll call him Jack for the purposes of this article) following the sudden an unexpected death of his father. Of course as a son or daughter, such an event is something that you can never fully prepare for. In Jack’s case, the emotional shock and grief of his loss in a road accident was compounded by the fact that his father had not made a Will. Jack’s father was in good physical shape and excellent health for his age and was enjoying his retirement in Italy, and it would seem that thoughts of writing an appropriate Will had been put to one side – no doubt as one of those things that we all think we will ‘get round to doing’ one day. 

Following his untimely death, Jack was now faced with trying to sort out his father’s financial affairs with the two challenges of having no Will to execute whilst having to deal with complex Italian law and bureaucracy. Jack had to visit Italy on numerous occasions to sort out his the estate which included property in Italy and savings and investments in both Italian and UK banks. Lack of being able to speak Italian was also a major hurdle, with Jack having to rely on family friends in Italy to help out. Combined with the lack of a Will, this added hugely to the time – and stress – involved, not to mention the cost of extra flights, hotel accommodation and unpaid time off work.

After many months of effort, Jack eventually managed to secure Power of Attorney over his late father’s estate and, with a new an unexpected basic understanding of Italian property law, manged to sell the house and close down the bank accounts. Having a Will in place would have saved Jack and his family a lot of time, money and most importantly, emotional turmoil. 

Professional advice and Will Writing services

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