Can a will be funny? 007 legend Roger Moore’s certainly was...

Posted Jul 23, 2019.


In life, British actor Roger Moore achieved his greatest fame and commercial success playing MI5 secret agent 007 – aka James Bond. Following the veteran actor’s death in Switzerland in 2017 aged 89, some of the content of his last

will and testament has been revealed to the delight of his many fans.

As James Bond, a role he held for six films between 1973 to1985, Moore became famous and hugely popular for his less serious approach to the role, and in particular for the many amusing one-liners and innuendos delivered in his trademark style. It is now clear that Moore also carried across this approach to the wording of his will. Some of the highlights include:

"I'd like to kick things off with some thanks…first, I'd like to pay tribute to those who made the James Bond films alongside me. Everyone I ever worked with on the Bond films has touched me in some way, as I hope I have touched them…oh whoops, would you look at that! (That's what she said)."

"Be that as it may, I am fortunate to have accumulated a fairly substantial fortune to be able to share," he continued. "I never expected to act in so many Bond movies or command such a substantial salary, but every time contract time came up—ooh, whoops—well anyway, every time it did, I was stunned at the size of the package on offer. My, would you look at that. It's happened again."

“I'm a bit impressed with myself, actually, as usually I can only manage once a day. But I digress. You've asked for a will, so I'll really give you one. Whoops!...Because of my fortunate position — err, situation, that is — I have tried to include as many people as possible in this will. The more the merrier, I say!" 

"Even the composer of our scores made a massive contribution. Particularly with his organ, which — oh pardon me. Oh goodness. I bet you'll be having a bit of a chuckle over that one. Do excuse me…But though they weren't as closely involved with the films, don't think my long-time, faithful, and loyal manager and accountant will be getting off easy either, because — oh, goodness, would you look at that, I do believe I've done it again."

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