Warranty Claim Disputes:- 5 things you should know

Posted Aug 29, 2019.


A warranty is a type of insurance policy that is designed to cover a specific product for some or all of the costs of repairing or replacing the product should it unexpectedly break or stop working altogether.  Warranty insurance policies are available for pretty much every product available to buy, from cars, furniture and electrical systems through to fridges, TV’s and mobile phones. 

If you have an item that has a warranty and the item needs repair or replacement, a number of things happen. Assuming that the warranty is still valid (most warranties are for a fixed period following purchase of the product, but some may provide ‘lifetime’ cover), the insurance company will either send someone to repair the product or cover the cost of any repair via a direct payment. However, the insurance company may dispute a seemingly legitimate claim for a number of reasons. If this happens, here are five things you should know:

When you contact the warranty provider - usually a big insurance company – make sure you keep a record of all calls, dates, times and names of who you have spoken with and what was discussed and agreed. If your claim is being disputed or rejected, ask the warranty provider for details of their appeal process.

Double check the documents you have. Make sure that you have read these thoroughly and identify any clauses that you are unsure about. Also make sure that your claim is within the period covered by the warranty.

Once an appeal is underway, make sure that you follow the company's appeal process. Some companies may insist that a mediation process is completed by you before the matter can be taken further. Provide any documentation that is requested by the company.

Get a second opinion. It may be well worth getting an expert involved (such as a motor mechanic for a car warranty) to have them re-evaluate your claim. Make sure that any such second opinion is provided in writing by a recognised and qualified professional. 

If your warranty provider continues to reject your claim, you can contact the relevant industry regulator, such as the Financial Ombudsmen Service (‘FOS’ for short). It may also be worth seeking independent legal advice too.

Legal advice for disputed or rejected warranty and insurance claims advice

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