Local Council Injury Compensation Payments Exceed £187,000

Posted Feb 13, 2020.

Accidents In Public, Compensation Claims 

A recent Freedom of Information (‘FOI’) request has shed light onto the type of personal injury compensation payments that a typical UK local council may make individuals using the local roads, pavements and public spaces. The council in question, Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council, has received over 300 claims in a 4 year period from 2015 to 2019, resulting in payment of injury compensation on 48 occasions.

The Local Council, one of seven in the West Midlands area responsible for most Local Government services in its area, paid out on a variety of claim types.  Most of the compensation awarded was in connection with trip, fall or slip accidents on pavements, or accidents involving potholes on local roads. In total, the 48 successful claims resulted in over £187,000 being paid out.

Compensation Payment Breakdown

The FOI request revealed the following year-on-year (financial year) breakdown of claims and compensation payments:

  • 2015-16: 15 compensation awards  from 82 claims, totalling £53,808
  • 2016-17: 14 compensation awards  from 71 claims, totalling £65,535
  • 2017-18: 14 compensation awards  from 88 claims, totalling £50,060
  • 2018-19: 5 compensation awards  from 74 claims, totalling £18,539

2016-17 proved to be the costliest year for the council in terms of individual claims, with the biggest compensation award for a single claim being £20,000 for injuries resulting from an accident involving a pothole in a road. There was also another claim in the same year involving a tree root underneath a pavement where the compensation awarded exceeded £10,000. In commenting on the statistics, a spokesperson for the Council said:

"Whilst we can’t comment on individual cases, we are glad to see the number of personal injury complaints dropping by almost half from 2018 to 2019… One case of avoidable injury is still too much however, so we continue to strengthen our processes to keep the borough safe."

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