Been Injured Whilst Cycling? Here’s 5 Things You Need To Do Next

Posted Feb 20, 2020.

Whilst cycling undoubtedly has amazing benefits for your health and fitness and, as a means of transport, is far more environmentally friendly than driving, as road users sharing space with lorries, cars and buses, cyclists are more vulnerable to suffering injuries should they be involved in a collision or other accident.  If you are unfortunate enough be involved in a cycling accident, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 things that you should do next:

  1. Safety – your first priority should be to ensure that you and anyone else involved in an accident are out of harm’s way. Make sure you are away from the road, and try to sit down, stay still and breath slowly; an accident on a bike can be pretty traumatic and you may be more badly injured than you first thought. A knowledge of basic first aid can also be a big help, both to assess your own injuries or to help anyone else involved in the accident. Call 999 if anyone is badly hurt, or 111 (the non-emergency number) if not. Make sure your bike and any other equipment is also moved out of the road to a safe place.
  2. Witnesses and Evidence – getting the names and contact details of anyone who witnessed the accident can make a huge difference should you need to make a claim for injuries, damage to work bike/clothing or compensation should you need to take time off work to recover.  Take photos too – the more the better, from various different angles, showing the road surface involved, junctions, signage, weather conditions and damage  or injuries suffered. One of the great thing about modern smartphones is that you always have the ability to record pictures, and most phones will also ‘tag’ the date, time and even the geographic location (via GPS), which could prove crucial should you need to make a claim for compensation.
  3. Medical Attention – as much as you may want to brush aside any injuries and just get on with things, it’s important to get properly checked out as you may be injured more than you first think. For serious injuries requiring immediate medical attention, go to your nearest A&E department.  Other, less serious injuries can be assessed by your GP. Either way, as well as ensuring that you are receiving the correct treatment to enable you to recover properly, you will also have a record of your injuries which may play a big part should you need to make a claim for compensation.
  4. Get details & Report – if your accident involved another vehicle, make sure you report the incident to your local police station. You can do this in person, or can fill out an accident report online. The police will give you an incident number, and depending on the nature and type of accident, may also make their own enquires with a view to pursuing a criminal prosecution. It’s vital that you make a note of the other parties’ details, including name, address, contact phone number(s) and also details such as the make/model of the vehicle, registration number, etc. If they have their insurance details too, that will also be a big help. If there was no other vehicle involved and your accident was caused by a poorly maintained road surface (such as a pothole), then let your local council know ASAP. You can do this directly, or there is a nationwide FillThatHole website you can use.
  5. Receipts and Damaged Equipment – make sure that you keep all receipts for costs incurred following your accident. These costs can include public transport and additional medical treatments. If your bike is damaged, make sure you get a formal quote for its repair rather than simply fixing it yourself, or if it’s beyond repair, get a formal quote for the cost of its replacement. Also keep any other accessories that were damaged, such as clothing, helmets and GPS devices; these are all items that can be included in any final compensation claim settlement.


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