Latest MOD Injury Compensation Totals Revealed

Posted Mar 12, 2020.

Military Compensation Claims 


New figures released by the UK’s Ministry of Defence (MOD) have shed light onto the increasing levels of injury compensation awarded to Armed Forces personnel, MOD staff and members of the public in 2019.

There were almost 3,000 claims made against the MOD last year, and from the claims that were successful, just under £130m was paid out in compensation. This new record total represents an increase of 55% over 2015’s figures and included a wide variety of claims including:

  • £1.7m in compensation for a member of the public who suffered a brain injury whilst attending an adventure training course
  • £10m in compensation each for 3 ex-service personnel who suffered serious, life changing injuries on active duty. The 3 soldiers were caught in IED (Improvised Explosive Device) attacks in Afghanistan 10 years ago in what were deemed to be ‘inadequately armoured’ military vehicles.
  • £2.5m compensation for a soldier who was shot in the foot during a ‘live fire’ training exercise
  • £3.3m compensation for injuries suffered in a road traffic accident with a military vehicle

military compensation claims


Armed Forces Compensation Scheme

The MOD is responsible for operating the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS), which was set up to provide compensation for any injury, illness or death caused by service from the 6th April 2005 onwards. AFCS compensation levels are decided by Parliament, and are in addition to any other personal accident cover and there are 2 main types of financial compensation award:

  • The Guaranteed Income Payment (GIP) – a  tax free, index linked monthly payment
  • A lump sum payment – which is paid tax free

Typical compensation payments under AFCS include £6,000 for ‘low level’ PTSD; £10,000 for personnel who are shot in the chest and £27,000 should a soldier lose 2 fingers in battle. In commenting on 2019’s figures, Colonel Richard Kemp (retired) said:

“It is hard to understand how there can be such a dramatic increase in compensation compared to five years ago when the forces were bigger than they are today.”

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