Quick Guide: Road Traffic Accident Claim Types

Posted Mar 24, 2020.


Road Traffic Accidents (‘RTA’), also often referred to as Road Traffic Collisions (‘RTC’), are by far the most common type of accident that result in a personal injury claim being made. Even though the UK has some of the safest roads anywhere in the world, the sheer number of road users, combined with high population densities, means that accidents are unfortunately commonplace.

According to the latest Department for Transport (DfT) statistics, in 2018 there was a slight decrease in reported deaths on the UK’s roads – 1,784 in total, compared to 1,793 the previous year. However, the number of people who suffered a serious injury has increased by 3% over the same period, with a total of 25,511 reported serious injuries in 2018.

RTA Claim Types

RTA claim types can be split into three broad categories:

Car Accidents

Out of a total of over 328 billion vehicle miles driven on the UK’s roads each year, the vast majority (78%) were made by cars and vans. With such high mileages, it is no surprise that over half (57%) of all reported casualties following road traffic accidents were the occupants of cars or vans. If you are injured following an accident in a car, then you may be able to make a claim for any injuries suffered whether or not you were the driver of the vehicle. If you were the driver, to be able to make an injury claim you will need to show that another party (most typically another car, but may also include heavy goods vehicles, agricultural vehicles, etc) was at fault; this is something that a personal injury solicitor will be able to help with. If you were injured whilst travelling as a passenger, then it is pretty much impossible for you to be responsible, making a subsequent injury compensation claim more straightforward.

Vulnerable Road User Accidents

Vulnerable road user is a term that encompasses cyclists, pedestrians, horse riders  and motorcyclists. Whilst injuries to such road users are less frequent overall, they are often far more serious given the individuals lack of physical protection, and are more likely to include severe trauma, brain and head injury and broken bones. Should an injury compensation claim need to be made, the fact that other road users are expected to take more care when in close proximity to a vulnerable road user can help.

Individual Accidents

Not all road traffic accidents involve a collision between two or more vehicles. An RTA may result from a wide range of other causes, such as defective parts or a mechanical failure on your vehicle; poorly maintained roads (especially potholes); hazards on the road surface such as spilt oil; and defective safety equipment that, had they been working properly, would have prevented or reduced your injuries.  These types of accidents are statistically less frequent, and any injury claim may involve a different type of defendant such as a manufacturer, a local authority or the Highways Agency.

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