New Figures Highlight Fall in Personal Injury Compensation Claims

Posted Jun 03, 2020.

fall in personal injury claims A recently published report from the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) highlights the continued reduction in the overall number of personal injury claims being made in England & Wales. 

The numbers show that in the final 3 months of last year, just less than 27,000 personal injury claims for road traffic accidents, accidents at work and in public places and claims for negligence and work related illnesses were made. This represents a 5% reduction compared to the previous 3 months, and is part of a wider downward trend that resulting in the lowest number of claims since 2012.

There are a number of reasons for this continued fall in claim numbers. There have been continued improvements in health and safety standards in many industries and work places meaning fewer workplace accident claims; and modern vehicles are becoming safer every year, resulting in fewer injuries for drivers and passengers following an accident. However, another key reason is the impact that a major change in legislation – the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act – had back in 2013.  A major aim of this act (widely referred to as ‘LASPO’) was to reduce the overall costs involved in civil litigation, of which personal injury claims are a significant part. Claims volumes certainly appear to support this: just under 40,000 personal injury claims were issued in the first 3 months immediately after the implementation of LASPO, peaking at a quarterly high of 42,000 later in 2013.

Getting Professional Legal Help

Whilst LASPO appears to have succeeded in its main aim of reducing costs, the MOJ is set to introduce additional cost saving measures for civil litigation claims. One of the most significant changes planned is a rise in the small claims limit to £5,000 for road traffic claims (RTA claims). What this means in simple terms is that individuals involved in the majority of RTA claims (in which the compensation is typically less than £5,000) will no longer be able to access a solicitor cost-effectively on a ‘no-win, no-fee’ basis; this is because the small claims process does not allow the recovery of (most) legal fees.

The result will be that innocent claimants who are rightly entitled to compensation either having to represent  themselves in court, pay a solicitor directly for legal help or simply accept whatever compensation that the negligent persons insurance company is offering – which based on how insurance companies tend to work, may be far lower than they are entitled to. At present, over 95% of personal injury claims have professional representation. These additional changes, currently scheduled to be introduced in early 2021, will certainly see this proportion fall as individuals who seek  to secure the correct level of compensation start to self-represent in court (known as a ‘Litigant in Person’).

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