1 in 4 UK Employees are affected by Workplace Injuries

Posted Jun 23, 2020.

workplace accident reportA new study into the volume of workplace accidents involving serious injury has surprised the UK legal sector, with the results indicating that as many as 1 in 4 employees have suffered a significant injury whilst at work.

The study was based on a survey of 1,000 individuals across a range of occupation types in the UK. The big surprise was that over 27% of employees say that in the past 5 years, they have suffered from a serious workplace injury including falls from height, slips, trips, burns, spine and head injuries. This percentage is higher than previously thought, with widespread reluctance to make a claim seemingly having affected previous surveys that only look at actual claims pursued. Indeed, the study showed that 1 in 5 workers said that they would not make a claim for a serious injury suffered at work, with concerns about being seen to be a ‘troublemaker’ or a negative impact future promotion prospects being cited as the main reasons.

Injury claims not being pursued

The study, undertaken by law firm Fletchers, also showed that men are far more likely to suffer from a serious workplace injury, with 1 in 3 being affected compared to fewer than 1 in 5 women. Age is also a factor, with over half of men under 35 having had a serious injury at work in the past 5 years, meaning that this age group is three times more likely to be injured than male workers aged 45 and over.

The actual legal process and perceived difficulties or hassle were also cited as a reason for not pursuing a claim, with just over a third of the survey respondents saying that they wouldn’t know where to begin. Some respondents also commented that their employers had little or no information freely available explaining the rights of employees and that they were unaware of the location and availability of legally required documentation  including health and safety manuals, employee handbooks and injury report logs.

Understand your rights

It would seem clear from this study that many individuals, who have been injured at work through no fault of their own, are potentially suffering in silence and are not pursuing claims for compensation and rehabilitation that they are entitled to receive. Whilst the thought of making a workplace injury claim may be daunting – especially against your employer – having access to the right rehabilitation and recovery programme and appropriate financial compensation can make a huge quality of life difference in the months and years ahead. Employers are required by law to have liability insurance, so making a claim against an employer is unlikely to have a huge financial impact on the business. Workplace claims can also help to highlight deficiencies in a company’s health and safety regime, resulting in improvements being made that benefit the whole workforce in future.

Workplace Injury Advice from Bakers

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