Justice for client seriously injured in a road traffic accident'

Posted Oct 19, 2017.

Driving safely on the roads is of paramount importance for all road users.

At just 19 years old, Simon’s life changed due to a road traffic accident. He was turning right out of a junction when a car travelling at high speed drove into him, propelling his vehicle into stationary vehicles on the opposite side of the road.

Simon suffered severe and extensive injuries in the accident, including a fractured pelvis, broken collar bone, broken scapula, right collapsed lung, left punctured lung, torn diaphragm, serrated kidney, liver and adrenal gland, serrated urethra and internal bleeding. He was rushed to the local hospital by ambulance but once stabilised he was transferred to a London hospital for further treatment.

There, Simon underwent a number of operations and now has extensive scarring as a result of the injuries and surgery he underwent. He also suffered psychological trauma from the accident and ongoing medical issues related to his injuries. It was nearly two years after the accident before he could return to work..

Simon maintained that the car that drove into him was speeding, however, as there were no witnesses to the accident, they were not found at fault or prosecuted by the police.

Nearly a year after his accident, Simon contacted Bakers Solicitors as he was no longer happy with his insurers representation of his interests. We secured interim payments for Simon, as he was unable to work and was suffering financial losses due to the accident. We also arranged for Simon to be examined by independent medical experts in the relevant fields of his injuries and ensured that he received the treatment they recommended to aid his recovery.

Following extensive investigations and negotiations, Simon’s claim was recently settled and he received over £117,000 compensation for his pain and suffering, financial losses and compensation for future treatment and issues with his injuries, as well as for vulnerability in the open job market, due to his permanent injuries.

Having received the help of Bakers Solicitors in recovering compensation for his accident, Simon now wants to get on with his life and put this accident behind him as best he can.