We secured compensation for burns incident on plane

Posted Oct 19, 2017.

Our client, John, was with his girlfriend on a flight home from Mexico after their holiday. They had ordered hot chocolates from the air stewardess, and placed them both on John’s fold down tray provided. The drinks did not have lids on the cups. Shortly after, the plane experienced severe turbulence and the drinks spilt and splashed causing burns to John’s hands and thighs.

The air hostesses provided first aid and put cooling gel and dressings on his hands and thighs. He was met by paramedics at Gatwick airport and treated at their medical centre. Rather than go to hospital there, John chose to go home and attend his local hospital. There they gave him more gel, painkillers and re-bandaged his legs.

The blisters healed after about a week but the pain lasted for another week. He required help with daily tasks, such as dressing and washing his hair after his accident. For about three months afterwards he had discolouration of the skin over his hands and wrists. John was lucky not to be scarred.

This claim was governed exclusively by the provisions of the Montreal Convention 1999. Article 17 of the Montreal Convention provides that a carrier has prima facie liability in respect of proven damage incurred as a result of bodily injury occasioned by an accident whilst on board the aircraft.

We obtained medical evidence to support John’s claim, including accident reports, hospital notes and arranged for John to be examined by an independent medical expert so that the claim could be valued.

The airline accepted responsibility for the accident and John received £1,890 for his pain and suffering and out of pocket expenses.