Road Traffic Collisions

Car Accident Compensation Claims 

Most road traffic collisions occur because one driver was negligent — perhaps he or she was driving too fast or driving in a careless or reckless manner. If you have been injured or your vehicle has been damaged in a road traffic accident (RTA), expert legal advice is essential.

We are specialist personal injury lawyers and have an experienced team of road traffic accident lawyers in Aldershot and serving Farnborough, Farnham and the surrounding region. We will ensure that all practical steps are taken to safeguard your claim for damages. Our team's sensitive and personal approach will also help to reduce the stress of the situation you find yourself in.

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Bakers Solicitors has the breadth of experience to effectively advise all those involved in road traffic injuries and car crash claims. We handle passenger and pedestrian claims, as well as pursuing cases on behalf of injured drivers and cyclists.

Motor accidents can range from simple rear collisions, leading to whiplash injuries, to more serious incidents that sometimes involve catastrophic RTA injuries. The types of accident claims we are regularly involved in include:

We have built our reputation on our ability to secure high levels of accident compensation. A dedicated personal injury solicitor will carefully manage your claim to ensure that every detail of loss resulting from the accident is incorporated in any settlement. This may include compensation for loss of earnings, medical bills and travel expenses. If appropriate, we will refer you to a medical specialist so that the full extent of your injuries, including the possibility of future medical care, is clear before we agree to any final settlement.

For additional information please see: How to make a claim when you have had a road traffic accident.

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The most common type of accident is one that involves two cars colliding, but accident which involving any form of accident on the highway are Road Traffic Accidents. Examples can be a pedestrian being struck by a car, a cyclist being hit or being injured as a passenger in a bus or car even if no other vehicle was involved.

Yes, as you were an innocent passenger. The claim would either be against the bus company if their driver was to blame or if the bus collided with another vehicle and the other driver was at fault the claim would be made against that other driver.

Yes all our cases are funded in a way which means if you do not receive compensation then there will be nothing for you to pay.  If you win your case and receive compensation any agreed payment would be deducted from your compensation payment.  This is a “no win/no fee” arrangement.

You are entitled to claim for any injury you suffered in an accident which was not your fault. This includes soft tissue injury to your neck which if often called “whiplash”.