Accident at work. To claim or not to claim, that is the question…

When you suffer an injury at work, the decision as to whether to make a claim is a difficult one. This is mainly because you may have a very good employer you do not want to upset, or because you feel that making a claim might cause your employer financial hardship or the way you are treated at work.


It can be a dilemma.


We deal with many clients who face this situation and who sometimes feel that their employment may be in jeopardy if they make a claim. The situation is clear, your employer cannot dismiss or mistreat you for making a claim, and in reality, they are usually very understanding about the situation as they will have in place liability insurance to cover any cost. This is because having this insurance is compulsory (just like motor insurance).


There are also several positive reasons why you should make a claim when you are injured in the course of your employment:


  • As a result of your claim, there is likely to be improvements made to Health & Safety processes at your place of work which in turn will help others to avoid a similar accident and injury, and your employer avoids further and perhaps more serious claims.


  • Compensation could go a long way in helping with you come to terms with what has happened. Suffering from a physical injury can be painful and upsetting, particularly when it’s an accident that should have been avoided. Whilst no amount of money will dial the time back. It may help to achieve a sense of justice so you can move forward. 


  • There is no direct financial burden to your employer. As above, they will have in place insurance for this, and the claim will be dealt with by the insurance company, not your employer. Your employer is likely to be helpful and understanding.


  • You are likely to gain access to private medical treatment, so you can make a swift recovery and not be subject to long NHS waiting lists, which might delay any treatment you need. It also relieves the burden and expense to the NHS and, therefore, taxpayers. 

At Bakers, we pride ourselves on our experience in representing claimants who have been injured through no fault of their own, helping them to receive the compensation and provision of treatment that they are properly entitled to. Our professional, friendly claims team will give you an honest, free and ‘plain English’ appraisal of your claim and we love delighting our clients when they receive the injury compensation they deserve.

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