Rider with Life Changing Mountain Bike Injuries is Awarded £3m Compensation

An unnamed man has recently been awarded £3m in injury compensation following a mountain bike race accident that left him with severe, life-changing injuries.

The accident, which happened during an organised mountain bike race event ten years ago, left the rider with severe injuries including catastrophic brain damage which resulted in him becoming ‘functionally blind’.  The rider, who has not been named during a recent hearing at the high court in London, was in his mid-20’s at the time of the incident. During the high court hearing, which was held virtually due to the current Covid restrictions, judge Mrs Justice Eady heard how the man had fallen from his bike having ridden over the crest of a hill and leaving the ground. Travelling at an estimated 35mph at the time, the rider subsequently crashed, hitting his head on a log at the side of the course.

The hearing also heard how the incident had left the man confined to a wheelchair and needing 24/7, full-time care. The claim for damages was made against the organisers of the race event by relatives of the injured man. The settlement amount was agreed in court between lawyers representing the man's relative and the race organisers and was approved by Justice Eady.

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