It was dark and raining heavily when our client, Jake, was driving in the outside lane of the M20 motorway near Westwell. Ahead of him a lorry had jackknifed under the bridge, but as it had no hazard or warning lights on Jake didn’t see it until it was too late. He briefly thought about swerving into the middle lane, but there were other vehicles there which had also swerved to avoid hitting the truck. He slammed on his brakes but could not avoid colliding with the lorry.

The police and ambulance attended the scene. Jake suffered a head injury and concussion and also sustained injuries to the left side of his body, including his shoulder, arm, hip, leg and knee.

Following his accident, Jake was signed off work and his rehabilitation took some time. He couldn’t walk properly and required physiotherapy and hydrotherapy treatments. He also needed counselling for post traumatic stress, nightmares and flashbacks.

Despite the Defendant admitting liability, settlement could not be agreed and Court Proceedings were served. We went on to secure £37,500 compensation for Jake, without the need to go to Trial.

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