Workplace Fatality Figures Published

According to figures from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), one hundred and twenty-three workers were killed in work-related accidents in Great Britain last year. The industries with the highest recorded deaths were construction, manufacturing and agriculture, forestry, and fishing.

The most common causes of fatal injuries are falling from a height, being struck by a moving vehicle, and being struck by a moving object. The number of deaths in 2021-22 has decreased since the previous year, and there has been a cumulative decrease in the rate of fatal injuries to workers, though in the years before the pandemic, the rate had hit a stand-still.

Eighty members of the public were killed following a workplace-related accident in 2021-22. Despite this being an increase since the previous year, it still falls below the level it was at pre-pandemic, potentially because it reflects the various COVID-19 restrictions in place.

Over the years, construction companies and the various fields in the industry prone to injuries and workplace deaths have been increasing their efforts in training their staff to the highest health and safety standards. Great Britain is now considered one of the safest places in the world to work, as the number of workplace deaths and injuries has decreased significantly.

The Chief Executive of HSE has suggested that although Great Britain is regarded as one of the safest countries to work in the world, the figures shown show that all of these industries must continue to ensure that safety remains a priority. She says that “every loss of life is a tragedy, and we are committed to making workplaces safer, holding employers to account for their actions as part of our mission to protect people and places.

For further information regarding the workplace fatality figures that have been published, please click here.

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